Sunday, August 7, 2011

Giveaway at Never Unpolished!

Currently I'm working on starting up a blog with a friend of mine, so this one kind of fell by the wayside for the moment. XD Sorry! I'll try to use this too sometimes. Especially for my crafting projects. Right now I'm working on an amigurumi crocheted dodo bird for a friend. And an ipad case for another friend. And gloves for my mom. And I want to make something for myself, but I don't know what... Maybe a cowl or something...


I saw this really awesome giveaway from Never Unpolished. I think I'll post about contests sometimes because I always like it when other blogs put up posts about contests. It actually helps me find new blogs to read.

She's giving away the entire Zoya Smoke and Mirrors collections. O.O They're so pretty. My favorites are easily Yara and Neeka, though Jana and Dree are pretty gorgeous too. Zoya is awesome.

So go read her blog and enter her contest!

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