Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So, I started a new pair of fingerless gloves the other night. But then I got a couple inches in and noticed they were huuuge on me, so I ripped them up. ;_; Sad. I have a cold right now so I don't really have patience with knitting either. I think I'm gonna work on some basic mittens for now and see how that goes.


the Muse said...

I can't knit sadly as I'm completely uncreative at best :)

But I wanted to say hi and hugsssss!

ndoodles said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. The brush roll pretty much consists of rectangles. The size completely depends on many brushes you want it to hold or even how big your brushes are. The brush holder rectangle is about 11cm across and 9 cm top to bottom. Anyways, I just placed my brushes down and pin it as I go. Once you get that done, it is all up to how big you want the other stuff. I definitely miscalculated terribly on so many things so I kinda just winged it eventually. Good luck!

Oh and I just finished one project where my pants are way too small. I swear, I reap more seams and I sew!